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Joint Defence a Key Issue for CR and SR

GERALD HOWARTH (Minister for international security, UK) RÓBERT ONDREJCSÁK (State Secretary of the Slovak MoD), JIŘÍ ŠEDIVÝ (State Secretary of the Czech MoD) (c) John Boyd, The Daily

Slovak Prime Minister Iveta Radicova made it clear yesterday that one of the key priorities of co-operation between the Czech and Slovak republics would be in the area of military co-operation. At the beginning of May the two governments agreed on joint sessions with the initial session planned for 28 October, poignantly the date that commemorates […]

CSA To Cancel Prague-Bratislava Flights

No more departures to Prague? (c) The Daily

It was only in June that Czech Airlines (CSA) started operating regular direct flights from Bratislava to various major capitals in Europe, but this has come at the cost of the airline cancelling flights between the Slovak capital and Prague. The airline will stop operating the regular shuttle between Bratislava and Prague on 1 August and […]

Money or Religion Best Bets for Decent Education

university students

State exams’ results for secondary school-leavers were worse than anticipated and reveal an “alarming” picture of the quality of the Czech education system – alarming being the term used by Education Minister Josef Dobes (junior government Public Affairs, VV). Overall results show that almost 20 percent of students did not pass the exams, but 10 […]

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