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Emerging Europe and The Real Potential

CEE on the move (c) Tibor Macak, The Daily

Budapest – International Public Relations is a tricky business; news that might be totally overlooked by local media is often picked up and broadcast around the world from an international perspective regardless of the local opinion on the matter in question.  Democracy comes in differing degrees of implementation where the most democratic tend to have […]

Revolutionaries Flag Hoisted at Libyan Embassy

Illustrative photo

The Libyan Embassy in Prague has hoisted the tricolour Libyan revolutionaries’ flag, meaning the diplomats now stand behind the National Transitional Council established by the revolutionary movement. The diplomats announced that they still represented their homeland in the Czech Republic the same as all other missions across the globe. The Tripoli Post reports that they burned a […]

Czech central bank kept the interest rate low


The council of the Czech National Bank (CNB) decided that the base interest rate will remain at 0.75%. The decision is being welcomed by Czech industrial companies, which don’t want to pay higher interest on the loans they need to promote and finance their exports. With this decision, the Czech government will not need to […]

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