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Stronger Military Co-operation Between CR and SR

Old Slovak MiG-29 is past its prime

The former executive officer of the General Staff of the Czech army Jiri Sedivy has called for greater co-operation between the armies of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Sedivy was speaking as an expert at the Visegrad 4 conference Smart Security in Bratislava yesterday, pointing to how there is still huge potential for collaboration in […]

Unique Film Europe Channel Starts Broadcasting


At 8pm on 17 November, the Film Europe Media Company started regular broadcasting of the first European film channel, Film Europe Channel. It is the first paid television channel presenting exclusively European cinema from almost all 50 countries in greater Europe. This unique pilot project is being implemented in Slovakia and the Czech Republic with […]

Tiziano Marasco: an Italian artist in Prague

Tiziano Marasco

Painting on a black background. Only few do it. The result of this technique is far from classical painting; it is perhaps more akin to graphics. Tiziano Marasco is one such artist. His paintings, some simple landscapes, portraits, others much more surreal and dreamlike, are characterised by bright colours. Interestingly, he did not study at […]

The Revolution is Not Over …


First published on 17 November 2009 The Velvet Revolution is not over yet ….. Yes, exactly 20 years have passed since that historic day back in November 1989, when the people of Czechoslovakia stood up to demand their right to freedom and democracy, as the whole eastern bloc crumbled around them. It all seemed too smooth, […]

Euro 2012: Czech Republic Qualifies With Ease

photo (c) LDC - The

Montenegro – Czech Republic 0:1 (0:0)  Goals: 81 ‘Jiráček. Referee: Rizzoli – Stefani, Faverani (all Italian). Yellow: Demjanovič., Pavicevic, Vucinic, Drincic, Savic – Baroš. Montenegro: M. Bozovic – Pavicevic, Džudovič, Savic, V. Bozovic (79 ‘Djalovič) – Bečiraj (57′ Delibasic), Drincic, Zverotic, Damjanovic (76 ‘Vukcevic) – Vucinic, Jovetic. Technical: Brnovič. Czech Republic: Čech – Gebre Selassie, Sivok, Hubník, Kadlec – Rezek (60 […]

Nov 22: English Stand-Up Comedy in Brno


Baby Blue Banana presents Brno’s only regular English-language Comedy Club. 22nd November 2011 8pm Alan Francis (UK) & Vince Fluke (CA)   Live at Clubwash, Stará 27, 602 00 Brno Tickets: 175Kč per person in advance, 200Kč on the door or 150Kč students Alan Francis first came to the notice of comedy audiences when he won […]

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