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Vaclav Havel Remembered

Vaclav Havel "life is about good and evil and we have to keep fighting for good, even though we know in our hearts that it is a battle that can never be fully won"

The official farewell to the last Czechoslovak president and first democratically elected Czech president Vaclav Havel took place today as his coffin was carried through the streets of Prague to Prague Castle, while thousands of onlookers wept. The Daily reporter Katerina Krisicova from Prague gives us her thoughts on the man. In memory of Vaclav Havel […]

Two Ways to Educate Roma Children


One Europe, two different ways of educating Roma children In the Czech Republic, Slovakia and some other new EU Member States, Roma ethnic group children are disproportionately placed in special schools for the mentally disabled or in de facto segregated schools. When these same children migrate to the United Kingdom with their parents, they are educated in […]

RIP Vaclav Havel; Symbol of the Velvet Revolution

Havel speaking in Prague on 20th anniversary of revolution (c) Ben Skala

The last president of Czechoslovakia (1989-1992), dissident, king of democracy and renowned writer Vaclav Havel passed away at his home in Hradecek pri Trutnove yesterday 18 December, aged 75. The condolences came flooding in from all over the world, including from Slovak President Ivan Gasparovic who underlined the key role Havel played during and after […]

Czech-Slovak Police Op Catches Nuclear Smugglers

Photo taken by smugglers as proof

At a press conference today, police commissioner Jaroslav Spisiak, announced a successful Slovak-Czech police operation on an organised group that was planning to smuggle nuclear materials. Photo taken by smugglers as proof The group of six Slovaks and one Czech, led by a 71-yr old, was planning to smuggle a radioactive substance worth around half […]

Czech Entrepreneur Sets Sights on Cargo Rail Company

Cargo train (c) Federico Cantoni

  Slovakia’s state-run railway company Cargo could end up in the hands of Czech entrepreneur Zdenek Bakala, as he has openly expressed an interest in privatising the company as it fits into his business strategy. Zdenek is one of the richest men in the Czech Republic, owning several energy companies and Europe’s largest player on […]

Slovakia Grabs AU Optronics Operation From Brno

AU Optronics plant, Slovakia

Major Taiwanese electronics manufacturer AU Optronics is planning to move its LCD division from Brno in the Czech Republic to the company’s Trencin plant in Slovakia, reports Hospodarske Noviny today. Some believe the company took the decision as security so as not to endanger the chance of receiving EUR 38 million in state assistance from […]

Czechs/Slovaks Want Milder Chemicals Law

photo by Joe Sullivan

The Czech and Slovak governments are pressuring European leaders to reconsider “excessive” safety regulations on the chemicals industry that they contend hurt smaller businesses and undermine economic growth. The countries’ concerns are outlined in a document submitted to the Council of Ministers, arguing that smaller businesses need leeway in complying with the EU’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and […]

Czech Airlines Suddenly Abolishes Slovak Flights


Czech Airlines (České aerolínie) is feeling the pinch and so is cutting back on many of its less lucrative flights, which, unfortunately, includes many flights from Slovakia. Yesterday, the airline suddenly stopped the sale of tickets for flights from Bratislava, and it will stay that way until next March at least. The company plans to […]

Czech Government Sends 30 Doctors to Slovakia


At an extraordinary session today, the Czech government approved the dispatch of 30 military doctors to the Slovak Republic to help out with the state of emergency at hospitals in the country following a mass resignation. The army doctors will be sent to Slovakia at the weekend, but will only make a small splash in […]

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