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Kalousek: Some People Reject The Democratic System

Finance minister Miroslav Kalousek (c) Chmee2

Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek in Questions of Václav Moravec on Czech Television said: ” Disgruntled citizens who have demonstrated in recent days, especially in Prague, but also in other places in the country, were not protesting  against the government, but against the system as itself. Some people did not accept the democratic system and dreams […]

English Stand up Comedy

English Stand up Comedy

Wednesday 21st March Clubwash. Stara 27, Brno, Czech Republic This month’s show brings two of England’s best comedians to the Brno stage. Nick Page is acknowledged as one of the finest storytellers on the UK comedy circuit, whilst James Redmond has made an impressive transition from being one of the UK’s most popular TV actors to […]

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