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Colours of Ostrava 2012: No Björk, But Still Hot Lineup

Last year's even, photo by J Kaczor

For several years now, Colours of Ostrava has been a leader amongst Czech music festivals. Volume 2012 (taking place 15-17 July) in brand new ambitious area of old industrial character near Ostrava is just another proof of vintage choice of it’s dramaturgists. Although the biggest star Björk won’t appear due to health issues, the program […]

Switzerland Under Attack for Banning CEE Workers


The European Parliament overwhelmingly passed a resolution last week (24 May), “highly regretting” the recently-introduced Swiss quotas for workers from the eight Central European countries which joined the EU in 2004. MEPs also blasted Berne for not allowing German and Austrian taxis to take passengers from Zurich airport. MEPs called on the Swiss government to […]

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