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Czech Republic Occupies 18th Place in Environmental Study EPI


According to the study Environmental performance index (EPI) conducted by Yale and Columbia University, the Czech Republic  occupies 18th place in the world ranking of environmental indicators. Top of the research of 132 countries was Switzerland. EPI is a quantitative study that follows national results relating to the environment, using the best available data. Research is […]

Human Tissue Tracing Totally Inadequate

Once out of its package, skin is fully defrosted in water and then stretched out once again with the help of a plastic plate so its application on the human body is easier. Queen Astrid Military Hospital in Brussels (Belgium). Photo: Mar Cabra/ICIJ

Here The Daily presents part four of the Skin and Bone: the Shadowy Trade in Human Body Parts project of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, examining how the system of tracing sources is inadequate to say the least. Traceability Elusive in Global Trade of Human Parts By Kate Willson and Mar Cabra The International Consortium of […]

To Consent or Not: Stewards of the “Gift”

The Krivoy Rog morgue allegedly  took body parts without consent in 2007 and 2008. But morgue director Alexander Komolov died before a jury returned its verdict, closing the case. Photo:  a&o buero

This, the third part in a series of reports from The entitled Skin and Bone: the Shadowy Trade in Human Body Parts of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, looks at the vague issue of consent in some countries and what it means in reality. Consent is not required in the Czech Republic, as the system […]

Most Wanted Nazi Arrested and Charged in Hungary


Ladislaus Csizsik-Csatary, aged 97, the World’s most wanted Nazi war criminal has been arrested and charged this morning in Hungary with war crimes. He is accused of having played a part in sending 15,700 Jews to their deaths at the Auschwitz death camp in Poland while serving as a police officer in Kosice (Kassa) during […]

Big Bucks in Body Brokering From Ukraine to USA


In the second in a series of articles being published by TheDaily in co-operation with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists looking into the globes-panning shady world of trading with human bones, organs and skin, the spotlight is put on just how the business works, with a look at Ukraine and the personal testimony of […]

Dead Bodies Being Harvested for Profit


The sinister world of organ trading is a fast growing multi-million dollar business, with the bones and so-called tissues of the deceased, also from the likes of neighbouring Slovakia, being distributed all over the world and generating profit for everyone along the chain. Following an eight month investigation of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists […]

Can Eastern Europe escape the eurozone crisis?


Countries in Eastern Europe have until now shown remarkable economic resilience, after being hit harder by the 2008–2009. But their economic future relies on a new model of growth, argues Jana Grittersova on Euroactiv. Jana Grittersova is a professor at the University of California-Riverside and an Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Fellow at the Johns Hopkins University […]

Czechs Look Set To Take Slovak Gas Utility


Speculations surrounding who will gain control over gas utility SPP as the French and German investors contemplate their withdrawal are now starting to take shape, with the energy holding of financial group J&T and two Czech billionaires most likely to become the new owner. While in Berlin this week, PM Robert Fico even discussed the […]

BBC Grants CE Licences for Over 500 Hours of Drama


Foreigners living in Central & Eastern Europe are in for a treat after BBC Worldwide granted licences to 17 broadcasters all over the region to screen over 530 hours of popular TV dramas. In Slovakia the licence was granted to public broadcaster RTVS, while in the Czech Republic the programmes will be shown by TV […]

The Annual Czech Open Chess & Games Festival 2012


The annual Czech open chess tournament will be held in the Czech city of Pardubice, where several players of different levels will compete. 5000 participants from 50 countries worldwide have registered to take part in the tournament. All participants will also be able to participate in other types of games. This year’s competition will include 130 different […]

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