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The Vibrant Nine – Travel the World in a Day

Etnofest Vysoèany 2009

THE VIBRANT NINE – TRAVEL THE WORLD IN ONE DAY   Also this summer you can discover few corners of the world. All you need to do to travel far-away countries is to get on a tram direction to Podviní Park, where all the tastes, flavours, colours and rhythms from many foreign countries await. The 8th annual […]

Helena Vondráčková on tour


Up to 7000 people attended a very successful two hour concert by Czech singer Helena Vondráčková in Liblin castle near the town of Plzeň, on Saturday August 18th 2012 during her “Tour 65″ event. Vondráčková was in perfect shape, gorgeous as ever, in a concert which celebrated both her great past and successful career. Exciting […]

LOG’s Randy Blythe and His Experience in a Czech Prison

Randy Blythe

The famous singer of the metal band Lamb of God, Randy Blythe, spoke about his experience in Prague’s biggest prison in Pankrác in an interview to the renowned music-magazine Rolling Stone. The rock-star is accused of having caused fatal injuries to a fan, who died as the result of a head injury. The singer in […]

Czechs Set To Take Over Slovak Gas Utility SPP


Former Slovak monopoly gas utility SPP could be sold in a matter of months with Czech billionaires set to take over the lucrative enterprise. Here TheDaily.CZ provides you with a translation of an article today in Hospodarske Noviny. SPP could be sold within a matter of months. The company Slovak Gas Holding will most likely […]

Czech and Slovak Version of Twitter Finally Launched

Twitter logo

Twitter, the  second biggest social network in the world after Facebook in terms of number of users, has finally submitted its localised language versions in Czech and Slovak. Twitter in the Czech Republic occupies only third position in the number of users, behind the aforementioned Facebook and  Google plus, the social network that the famous […]

KDU-ČSL think about changing name


A time of change for the KDU – ČSL, one of the smaller parties in the Czech Republic, which is based on the values of Democracy and Christianity. The organization is in fact planning to change its name, which when extended reads Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People’s Party (Czech: Křesťanská to demokratická unie […]

Penta Acquires Lloyds Pharmacies and Gehe Distributor


Penta Investments has agreed with Celesio AG to acquire its Lloyds pharmacy chain and Gehe wholesale distributor in the Czech Republic at a purchase price of around EUR 84.5 million. Lloyds operates 55 pharmacies and is the third largest pharmacy chain in the Czech Republic, while Gehe is the fourth biggest wholesale pharmaceutical distributor in the […]

Czech Economy Joins Hungary in Recession


Hungary and the Czech Republic both entered recession as Romania’s economy grew following two consecutive quarters in decline. Both Czech and Hungarian economies, the second and third largest post communist EU members, shrank 0.2% in the first 3 months of the year. The GDP of both countries also shrank by 1.2% from the same time […]

Jonny Depp in Prague?

Photo courtesy of Coco Cafe Disco Bar

Prague – 28/07/2012 Those, who Saturday night took part at the local nightlife in Prague would have noticed some very unusual movement, with groups of people in the street taking pictures, and even asking for autographs. For example, at Harley’s Bar, a well-known club in Prague 1, very crowded every weekend, but most customers were […]

Average Czech Income Quadrupled


The average Czech income has quadrupled since its foundation a report on Hungarian news site index has reported. In the first year as an independent state, 1993, the average monthly household income was 3,751 crowns while in 2011 it had risen to 12,902 crowns. The results for pensioners are even better with the average pension […]

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