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Anathema Live in Prague in October


Anathema is not a well-known band for the general public, but these 5 guys are one of the most interesting British bands of the last twenty years, at least in terms of the panorama of alternative rock music. Althought they started as gloomy doom metallers, already in 1995 their second album The Silent Enigma showed new ways to extreme metal. From then on, their sound has […]

Front-runner Presidential Candidate Svejnar Declines Candidacy


The upcoming election in 2013 has prepared another striking moment in the media. For the first time in the history of the Czech Republic the president will be elected directly by the people and not by parliament as in Germany or Austria, where the president is elected in indirect elections. The next question is, who is […]

The Largest Chocolate Museum in the Czech Republic


In the city of Tabor, South Bohemia, a museum of chocolate and marzipan has opened. This is one of the largest museums in Europe, covering an area of 1000 m2 and comprising three separate buildings. The standard tour includes an introductory film on a sightseeing trip to the museum, where visitors can get acquainted with […]

Foreign Ministry Sends Aid To Afghanistan and Zimbabwe

Foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic is providing financial support for the provision of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and Zimbabwe. The total amount of aid comes to CZK 5,000,000, with the assistance to be used to provide the population with food in Afghanistan, as the situation there is considered extremely difficult. It […]

Russian KHL Hockey League Welcomes Prague and Bratislava

Tesla Stadium, Prague

The KHL (Continental Hockey League) was founded in 2006 mostly by Russian hockey teams to compete commercially and professionally with North American NHL. In order to attract its European fans, it is now including teams from post Soviet republics. Today, a breakthrough in this league, it has freshly added teams from Prague (HC Lev Praha) […]

New Security System for Czech National Gallery


Supported by €850,000 from the Norway Grants and in partnership with the Norwegian Directorate of Cultural Heritage, the National Gallery in Prague has modernised its security system to safeguard its works of art. The results of the two-year project were presented at a February press conference in Prague. Norwegian Ambassador Jens Eikaas said that he […]

Czech Visas are Hot Property and Business in Russia

Czech Consulate General in St Petersburg

The Czech intelligence service is currently gaining information about the black market with Czech visas in the post-Soviet republics. For many, the “Czech-West” is a very attractive place to live and study and many are willing to pay between EUR 250 – 1000 to get their hands on a visa on the black market. But […]

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