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Devin Townsend and Fear Factory Live at Roxy


For all the lovers of heavy metal music, the concert taking place at Roxy on December the 6th promises to be a one not to be missed. As in Prague, the local Industrials Epic Tour is featuring two of the most remarkable names in modern metal, Devin Townsend and Fear Factory. Introducing Devin Townsend, multifaceted […]

Czechs are the first European nation to win Davis and Fed Cup in the same year!

Czech Republic won its second Davis Cup in history. The last time as Czechoslovakia in 1980

  The last time it was the US team in 1990. The Czech people celebrate the ultimate season. The Czech tennis is in rapid rise and it was well demonstrated when Petra Kvitová won Wimbledon last year. The women´s double Hlaváčková-Hradecká won silver medal at the London olympics this year and it was the runner-ups […]

Remember, Remember 17 November

Memorial of the student demonstrations of the 17th November, Národní Třída in Prague

Part 1 of this article : Three major holidays come to the Czech lands every autumn. This Saturday the Czechs and the Slovaks are celebrating the twenty-third anniversary of …what? Or is it seventy-third? If you ask this question to the average twenty something youngster, the answers will be uncertain. It is understandable that […]

Exclusive Interview: Petr Mach, the leader of Free Citizens Party

Symbol of Strany svobodných občanů

Ing. Petr Mach PhD. is a leading Czech economist and politician. He is a macroeconomics teacher at two private universities and a former adviser to the current president Vaclav Klaus. His long-term studies involve taxation, deficit, debt and currency integration. He is the author and co-author of two books: “The cons of European integration” (2002) […]

Czech Position on Tobacco Trade Raises Questions

cigarette smoking

The consumption of tobacco is estimated to produce six million deaths a year in the world. Based on data of the Framework Convention Alliance, the ‘habit’ has killed 100 million people in the 20th century. Influencing directly the health of 1 in 10 adults, over the next 100 years smoking would probably be behind the […]

English Comedy in Prague: Earl Okin’s One Man Show!


This is a very special, last-minute surprise show for Prague, as a prelude to the return of regular English comedy shows from Baby Blue Banana in the new year! Live at The James Joyce, U Obecniho Dvora 4, Prague, , 11000, Czech Republic on 12 November, 2012 20:00 Musical genius and international sex symbol Earl Okin is back! One of the most […]

First Post-November Slovak PM Cic Dies in Hospital

Milan Cic (2.1.1932 - 9.11.2012)

One of the key figures of post-revolution Czechoslovakia, Milan Cic, died shortly after 10 am today at Kramare hospital in Bratislava aged 80, after being admitted for brain surgery in October. Among the many posts held by Cic, he was the first Slovak prime minister after the Velvet Revolution, from December 1989 until June 1990. […]

Israel admits liquidating Arafat’s deputy after 24 years

picturepelesti n

On Friday after 24 years Israel admitted that it’s secret service Mossad liquidated Vaziri Khalil, a representative of the former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. The information was published by the daily news Yediot Acharonot, which had this information at their disposition for 12 years. However only now the military cencorship allowed for it to be […]

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