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The Daily Goes on Christmas Break


The staff and contributors of The Daily.CZ would like to wish all our readers an exceptionally merry Christmas and all the best of personal and professional success for 2013. We are closing down for the festive season from until Monday 7 January 2012, but look forward to keeping you informed about the latest events in […]

Juicy Memoirs of Three Time Slovak PM Meciar


One of Slovakia’s most prominent ever political figures, Vladimir Meciar, who oversaw the birth of the Slovak Republic back in 1993, holding the post of Prime Minister three times, has decided to publish his memoirs, which if sincere and open could reveal more than most of the country’s political and business elite would want.   […]

Czechs Set To Take Over Chunk of Slovak Gas Industry


Some questions are being raised into the Slovak government’s idea of the restructuring of gas utility SPP, and whether the state is not selling out cheap to the proposed Czech investors. An agreement drawn up by the government in co-operation with the current foreign shareholders and the proposed new minority owner  Energetický a průmyslový holding […]

Child Obesity – Fighting the Fat with Martin Jelinek

Czech children are getting more overweight than 15 years ago

The latest statistics show the negative trend which most of the Western world already knows. The number of obese children is four times higher than in 1996. Five and half out of 1000 youth patients were obese in 1996. Today, doctors report this number as 20.5 per 1000 under-fifteens. The bigger shock was produced by […]

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