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I graduated from Prague British school in 2010, studied law for two years at peuni in Prague, now I am at Charles university law. My interests are politics, cinematography, music, social behavior and psychology.

Israel admits liquidating Arafat’s deputy after 24 years

picturepelesti n

On Friday after 24 years Israel admitted that it’s secret service Mossad liquidated Vaziri Khalil, a representative of the former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. The information was published by the daily news Yediot Acharonot, which had this information at their disposition for 12 years. However only now the military cencorship allowed for it to be […]

Festival 4+4 Days in Motion: Culture Adrenaline in Prague

Contemporary dance

The 17th International Festival of Contemporary Art 4 +4 Days in Motion, which is held in Prague from 26th October to November 3rd is here and offers nine days full of cultural adrenalin. Visitors are able to select from a wide spectrum of innovative, progressive and often provocative artistic projects – theater and dance performances, […]

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