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Child Obesity – Fighting the Fat with Martin Jelinek

Czech children are getting more overweight than 15 years ago

The latest statistics show the negative trend which most of the Western world already knows. The number of obese children is four times higher than in 1996. Five and half out of 1000 youth patients were obese in 1996. Today, doctors report this number as 20.5 per 1000 under-fifteens. The bigger shock was produced by […]

Czechs are the first European nation to win Davis and Fed Cup in the same year!

Czech Republic won its second Davis Cup in history. The last time as Czechoslovakia in 1980

  The last time it was the US team in 1990. The Czech people celebrate the ultimate season. The Czech tennis is in rapid rise and it was well demonstrated when Petra Kvitová won Wimbledon last year. The women´s double Hlaváčková-Hradecká won silver medal at the London olympics this year and it was the runner-ups […]

Remember, Remember 17 November

Memorial of the student demonstrations of the 17th November, Národní Třída in Prague

Part 1 of this article : Three major holidays come to the Czech lands every autumn. This Saturday the Czechs and the Slovaks are celebrating the twenty-third anniversary of …what? Or is it seventy-third? If you ask this question to the average twenty something youngster, the answers will be uncertain. It is understandable that […]

Exclusive Interview: Petr Mach, the leader of Free Citizens Party

Symbol of Strany svobodných občanů

Ing. Petr Mach PhD. is a leading Czech economist and politician. He is a macroeconomics teacher at two private universities and a former adviser to the current president Vaclav Klaus. His long-term studies involve taxation, deficit, debt and currency integration. He is the author and co-author of two books: “The cons of European integration” (2002) […]

Lost in Translation: Young Czechs Lose Knowledge of Slovak

Great Moravia was a historical statehood where Slovaks lived together with Moravians (today part of czech Republic)  around 1200 years ago

It´s going to be 20 years on 1st January since the common federation split. The Czech-Slovak Federative Republic was buried and both nations declared their individual and peaceful independence. From 1918 to 1992 two nations were living together as one artificial nation. Czech and Slovak languages are mutually intelligible very much like Portuguese and Spanish. […]

The ČSSD Empire Strikes Back!

Jiří Čunek

We bring you five (f)acts and (f)aces of the Senate election. You may find them interesting, even more so considering the current political situation in the Czech Republic. First act: The downfall of the governing conservative party (ODS) continues. With 11 candidates in the second round, only 4 gaining a seat. The net change since […]

Many taken aback by results of Senate elections in Prague


Traditionally, by its voting record, Prague is the most conservative and right-wing place in the whole country. Never having had a left-wing mayor nor a single senator. If we look at election results since 1990, the left-wing parties have won very little, or rather nothing. This weekend 4 districts in Prague were having elections and […]

Czech Senate Elections This Weekend

Czech Senate is situated in the Wallenstein Palace in Prague.

This weekend (12-13 October) some Czechs are going to decide to whom they will give their vote. It is the gubernatorial and Senate elections which can decide the direction of political affairs this year. The Czech Senate is the Parliament´s upper house. There are 81 members who represent all of the 81 electoral districts in […]

Czech Autumn Holiday Season Approaching

Wencelaus Statue

Czechs are going to have more days off with shorter and cooler days ahead. The reasons are simple. Autumn is underway and the Czechs have three big state holidays every year. Recently, people had a free Friday on 28 September. So who have the Czechs to thank for having a longer weekend? Saint Wenceslaus I, […]

Front-runner Presidential Candidate Svejnar Declines Candidacy


The upcoming election in 2013 has prepared another striking moment in the media. For the first time in the history of the Czech Republic the president will be elected directly by the people and not by parliament as in Germany or Austria, where the president is elected in indirect elections. The next question is, who is […]

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