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Euro 2012: Czech Republic Qualifies With Ease

photo (c) LDC - The

Montenegro – Czech Republic 0:1 (0:0)  Goals: 81 ‘Jiráček. Referee: Rizzoli – Stefani, Faverani (all Italian). Yellow: Demjanovič., Pavicevic, Vucinic, Drincic, Savic – Baroš. Montenegro: M. Bozovic – Pavicevic, Džudovič, Savic, V. Bozovic (79 ‘Djalovič) – Bečiraj (57′ Delibasic), Drincic, Zverotic, Damjanovic (76 ‘Vukcevic) – Vucinic, Jovetic. Technical: Brnovič. Czech Republic: Čech – Gebre Selassie, Sivok, Hubník, Kadlec – Rezek (60 […]

BA Monarchs Fail to Upset Prague Panthers

Corner back Peter Rosinsky runs for the touchdown after an interception in the first quarter. Photo courtesy of Ivan Salay

Those with an unbiased view on the Bratislava Monarchs might agree that everything was the way it was supposed to be on Sunday as the Monarchs fell to the reigning champions the Prague Panthers 12-36. After all, the Panthers are not supposed to lose in this league. The Monarchs’ defense had no answer for the […]

Bratislava: Famous Italian Military Band in Month of Italian Culture

June is Month of Italian Culture in Bratislava, and one of the events not to be missed is the energetic Bersaglieri military band to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. The Bersaglieri military band, who are stationed in Bari, will blast out on Hviezdoslavovo square in Bratislava on Thursday 2 June, starting […]

Slovak Company Launches Test Op for Czech TV

photo: Jeff Maurone

Slovak set-top box manufacturer Antik Technology has provided details of its participation in an HbbTV pilot being undertaken by the Czech public broadcaster CT. According to Antik Technology, the HbbTV service will be developed, hosted and tested on the Slovak telco Antik Telecom’s network, which has 40,000 subscribers, prior to tests being carried out in […]

Happy Birthday to Deputy EIC of The Daily

birthday cake

Happy Birthday wishes go out today to Deputy editor-in-chief of The Daily and Direttore of and www.Lavoce .cz, Tony Papaleo, who is now one year older and more experienced. Everyone at The Daily wishes him the very best of health and success so he may to continue serving the Italian communities in the Czech […]

Prague centre to become car-free zone by the summer


In an attempt to cut down on inner city transport and make the environment cleaner, the government reportedly has a plan in the pipeline to close off Prague city centre completely to all traffic, except electric shuttle trams and bicycles, which will then be free for everyone. The government wants to put the ambitious plan, […]

Austria wants to close Slovak and Czech nuclear plants


Austrian daily Österreich reports today how the Austrian government will be filing a lawsuit with the European Court of Justice in an attempt to close down Slovak nuclear power plant Mochovce and Temelin in the Czech Republic. The move comes as part of the Anti-Nuclear Action Plan, which Austria adopted yesterday.  Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann […]

Czech captain of 1962 World Cup final L. Novak dies

Novak Ladislav-Beveren-small

Two weeks after the death of Slovak football legend Jan Popluhar, , his Czech teammate from the 1962 World Cup final team, Ladislav Novak (79), has now joined him. Novak captained Czechoslovakia to the 1962 World Cup final in Chile, where they were eventually beaten 3-1 by Brazil. He also played in the two preceding World Cups […]

Czechs suffer highest petrol prices in 5.5 years


The turmoil in oil-producing countries like Libya is starting to take its toll at the petrol pumps, with Czech petrol prices now at their highest level since September 2005. Petrol is being sold at between CZK 33.7 to CZK 36 a litre now, and this could be just the start of the growth as there […]

Handicapped people to protest government’s reform plans


Handicapped Czechs are set to stage a protest on 22 March in front of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs against the government’s social reform plans, saying that the measures will slash their standard of living. The protest is being staged because of government-proposed measures on the assessment of entitlements for handicapped people, as […]

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