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Devin Townsend and Fear Factory Live at Roxy


For all the lovers of heavy metal music, the concert taking place at Roxy on December the 6th promises to be a one not to be missed. As in Prague, the local Industrials Epic Tour is featuring two of the most remarkable names in modern metal, Devin Townsend and Fear Factory. Introducing Devin Townsend, multifaceted […]

Forum 2000 Hears Dalai Lama’s Recorded Greeting

Dalai Lama

The Forum 2000 conference in Prague heard today pre-recorded greetings by the Tibetan Dalai Lama who said now that the need for changes is spoken about in the world, everyone must start with himself/herself and that it is not possible to wait for changes to come from outside. Forum 2000 was co-fathered by former Czech […]

Anathema Live in Prague in October


Anathema is not a well-known band for the general public, but these 5 guys are one of the most interesting British bands of the last twenty years, at least in terms of the panorama of alternative rock music. Althought they started as gloomy doom metallers, already in 1995 their second album The Silent Enigma showed new ways to extreme metal. From then on, their sound has […]

LOG’s Randy Blythe and His Experience in a Czech Prison

Randy Blythe

The famous singer of the metal band Lamb of God, Randy Blythe, spoke about his experience in Prague’s biggest prison in Pankrác in an interview to the renowned music-magazine Rolling Stone. The rock-star is accused of having caused fatal injuries to a fan, who died as the result of a head injury. The singer in […]

The Prostitutes’ new album ‘Deaf to the call’ out now

The Prostitutes

A band created as a joke, the Protitutes, but with only two albums has managed to carve out an important space in the Czech music scene. In three years by the excellent Hometown Zombies, the band of Prague is back with a new album, Deaf to the call. We pick the occasion to have a […]

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