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The Physchology of Investing


Find out how psychology affects investing, and how to avoid costly and common investment mistakes. This is the first in a series of three articles written by Richard Holmes of Gerrards International an experienced UK Qualified Financial Adviser who is based in Budapest. Click here to read …    

Juicy Memoirs of Three Time Slovak PM Meciar


One of Slovakia’s most prominent ever political figures, Vladimir Meciar, who oversaw the birth of the Slovak Republic back in 1993, holding the post of Prime Minister three times, has decided to publish his memoirs, which if sincere and open could reveal more than most of the country’s political and business elite would want.   […]

Remember, Remember 17 November

Memorial of the student demonstrations of the 17th November, Národní Třída in Prague

Part 1 of this article : Three major holidays come to the Czech lands every autumn. This Saturday the Czechs and the Slovaks are celebrating the twenty-third anniversary of …what? Or is it seventy-third? If you ask this question to the average twenty something youngster, the answers will be uncertain. It is understandable that […]

Exclusive Interview: Petr Mach, the leader of Free Citizens Party

Symbol of Strany svobodných občanů

Ing. Petr Mach PhD. is a leading Czech economist and politician. He is a macroeconomics teacher at two private universities and a former adviser to the current president Vaclav Klaus. His long-term studies involve taxation, deficit, debt and currency integration. He is the author and co-author of two books: “The cons of European integration” (2002) […]

Right-Wing Extremism in Central-Eastern Europe


The Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs has compiled a report on the threat of extremism in Central and Eastern Europe, looking at the cross-border co-operation between extremist groups and the threat it poses to Europe. Here TheDaily.SK provides you with the full report. Trans-National Cooperation of Right-Wing Extremists in East-Central Europe Miroslav Mareš – […]

Czech Visas are Hot Property and Business in Russia

Czech Consulate General in St Petersburg

The Czech intelligence service is currently gaining information about the black market with Czech visas in the post-Soviet republics. For many, the “Czech-West” is a very attractive place to live and study and many are willing to pay between EUR 250 – 1000 to get their hands on a visa on the black market. But […]

LOG’s Randy Blythe and His Experience in a Czech Prison

Randy Blythe

The famous singer of the metal band Lamb of God, Randy Blythe, spoke about his experience in Prague’s biggest prison in Pankrác in an interview to the renowned music-magazine Rolling Stone. The rock-star is accused of having caused fatal injuries to a fan, who died as the result of a head injury. The singer in […]

EuroVelo 4,000 km Cycling Marathon for Road Safety


This week sees the start of the European Velo Marathon, a 4000 km bike tour departing from Bulgaria on 2 June and arriving in London on 25 July, just two days before the Olympic Games start. The cyclists will be carrying an alternative Olympic torch to hand over to the Mayor of London as a symbol of athletic stamina and […]

Tiziano Marasco: an Italian artist in Prague

Tiziano Marasco

Painting on a black background. Only few do it. The result of this technique is far from classical painting; it is perhaps more akin to graphics. Tiziano Marasco is one such artist. His paintings, some simple landscapes, portraits, others much more surreal and dreamlike, are characterised by bright colours. Interestingly, he did not study at […]

National Czech and Slovak Museum to be lifted and moved across the street!

NCSML almost submerged in 2008

In June 2008 the National Czech and Slovak Museum & Library (NCSML) in Iowa, USA, was nearly destroyed by a terrible flood. The NCSML managed to raise the necessary funds to move the museum and library to safer ground across the street in probably the biggest ever building relocation in the US to date. Now everyone […]

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