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Slovak Company Launches Test Op for Czech TV

photo: Jeff Maurone

Slovak set-top box manufacturer Antik Technology has provided details of its participation in an HbbTV pilot being undertaken by the Czech public broadcaster CT. According to Antik Technology, the HbbTV service will be developed, hosted and tested on the Slovak telco Antik Telecom’s network, which has 40,000 subscribers, prior to tests being carried out in […]

Commission welcomes Single European Sky


Last week Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovak Republic and Slovenia an agreement to create the “Functional Airspace Block – Central Europe” (FAB CE) an important step towards achieving the Single European Sky. Slowly the political objectives of the Single European Sky legislation adopted in 2004 is coming into reality with Member […]

CSA Launches Flights to 6 Destinations from BA

Bratislava Airport (c) The Daily

From June, Czech airline Ceske aerolinie will start operating direct flights from Bratislava to the likes of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Paris, Rome and Cyprus. The airline plans to make flights to the main airports of all the destinations at least twice a week, while those going to Rome will have the choice of five flights […]

Happy Birthday to Deputy EIC of The Daily

birthday cake

Happy Birthday wishes go out today to Deputy editor-in-chief of The Daily and Direttore of and www.Lavoce .cz, Tony Papaleo, who is now one year older and more experienced. Everyone at The Daily wishes him the very best of health and success so he may to continue serving the Italian communities in the Czech […]

Prague centre to become car-free zone by the summer


In an attempt to cut down on inner city transport and make the environment cleaner, the government reportedly has a plan in the pipeline to close off Prague city centre completely to all traffic, except electric shuttle trams and bicycles, which will then be free for everyone. The government wants to put the ambitious plan, […]

Austria wants to close Slovak and Czech nuclear plants


Austrian daily Österreich reports today how the Austrian government will be filing a lawsuit with the European Court of Justice in an attempt to close down Slovak nuclear power plant Mochovce and Temelin in the Czech Republic. The move comes as part of the Anti-Nuclear Action Plan, which Austria adopted yesterday.  Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann […]

Population census in more languages for foreigners


As the Czech Republic prepares for a nationwide population census, it does not want to exclude foreigners in the country who don’t speak Czech from being able to take part in the census, and so special instructions have been prepared in eight other languages. The move was taken because this census wants to gather statistics […]

Strong property investment tipped for Czech Republic


A recent study by Cushman & Wakefield called International Investment Atlas 2011, and reported by daily, has pointed to how the Czech and Slovak republics should see the highest growth in property investment volume in Central Europe this year. The projections count with a growth in property investments in both republics of as much […]

Gas connection with Poland to be ready this year


Polish company Gaz System announced its plans yesterday to establish a gas interconnector pipeline with the Czech Republic before the end of this year. The new line will be able to carry around 1 billion cubic metres of gas a year and could already be in operation by September. Head of the company Jan Chadman […]

Czech activists protest at Slovak-Austrian border

Czech activists call for justice

The Slovak-Austrian border at the Jarovce-Kitsee border point in Bratislava was brought to a halt today by Slovak and Czech activists, led by organiser Marek Voršilka from Prague. The activists blocked the border point for about 15 minutes as part of an international campaign called Shame on Austria, while dressed in banana costumes, signifying Austria […]

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