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Exclusive Interview: Petr Mach, the leader of Free Citizens Party

Symbol of Strany svobodných občanů

Ing. Petr Mach PhD. is a leading Czech economist and politician. He is a macroeconomics teacher at two private universities and a former adviser to the current president Vaclav Klaus. His long-term studies involve taxation, deficit, debt and currency integration. He is the author and co-author of two books: “The cons of European integration” (2002) […]

The ČSSD Empire Strikes Back!

Jiří Čunek

We bring you five (f)acts and (f)aces of the Senate election. You may find them interesting, even more so considering the current political situation in the Czech Republic. First act: The downfall of the governing conservative party (ODS) continues. With 11 candidates in the second round, only 4 gaining a seat. The net change since […]

Many taken aback by results of Senate elections in Prague


Traditionally, by its voting record, Prague is the most conservative and right-wing place in the whole country. Never having had a left-wing mayor nor a single senator. If we look at election results since 1990, the left-wing parties have won very little, or rather nothing. This weekend 4 districts in Prague were having elections and […]

Czech Senate Elections This Weekend

Czech Senate is situated in the Wallenstein Palace in Prague.

This weekend (12-13 October) some Czechs are going to decide to whom they will give their vote. It is the gubernatorial and Senate elections which can decide the direction of political affairs this year. The Czech Senate is the Parliament´s upper house. There are 81 members who represent all of the 81 electoral districts in […]

Pozor Prague! Corruption and EU funds in CZ


Czech to lose at least Euro 1 bil in EU aid.The European Commission (EC) will cut the subsidies awarded to the Czech Republic’s development projects by one billion euro as a sanction for numerous cases of fund mismanagement and abuse.The sum may further increase.According to unofficial information, the sanction will be imposed on four operational programs […]

Front-runner Presidential Candidate Svejnar Declines Candidacy


The upcoming election in 2013 has prepared another striking moment in the media. For the first time in the history of the Czech Republic the president will be elected directly by the people and not by parliament as in Germany or Austria, where the president is elected in indirect elections. The next question is, who is […]

KDU-ČSL think about changing name


A time of change for the KDU – ČSL, one of the smaller parties in the Czech Republic, which is based on the values of Democracy and Christianity. The organization is in fact planning to change its name, which when extended reads Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People’s Party (Czech: Křesťanská to demokratická unie […]

Czech Economy Joins Hungary in Recession


Hungary and the Czech Republic both entered recession as Romania’s economy grew following two consecutive quarters in decline. Both Czech and Hungarian economies, the second and third largest post communist EU members, shrank 0.2% in the first 3 months of the year. The GDP of both countries also shrank by 1.2% from the same time […]

Kalousek: Some People Reject The Democratic System

Finance minister Miroslav Kalousek (c) Chmee2

Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek in Questions of Václav Moravec on Czech Television said: ” Disgruntled citizens who have demonstrated in recent days, especially in Prague, but also in other places in the country, were not protesting  against the government, but against the system as itself. Some people did not accept the democratic system and dreams […]

Prague: International Exhibition of Political Cartoons

The first opening of the traveling “International exhibition of political cartoons” of renowned cartoonists from the four Visegrad countries and the USA will take place on 19 January 2012 at 17:30 in the American Center in Prague. Critical and current view on politics and society will be presented by cartoons from Daryl Cagle (USA), Pavel […]

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