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Right-Wing Extremism in Central-Eastern Europe


The Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs has compiled a report on the threat of extremism in Central and Eastern Europe, looking at the cross-border co-operation between extremist groups and the threat it poses to Europe. Here TheDaily.SK provides you with the full report. Trans-National Cooperation of Right-Wing Extremists in East-Central Europe Miroslav Mareš – […]

Lost in Translation: Young Czechs Lose Knowledge of Slovak

Great Moravia was a historical statehood where Slovaks lived together with Moravians (today part of czech Republic)  around 1200 years ago

It´s going to be 20 years on 1st January since the common federation split. The Czech-Slovak Federative Republic was buried and both nations declared their individual and peaceful independence. From 1918 to 1992 two nations were living together as one artificial nation. Czech and Slovak languages are mutually intelligible very much like Portuguese and Spanish. […]

The Largest Chocolate Museum in the Czech Republic


In the city of Tabor, South Bohemia, a museum of chocolate and marzipan has opened. This is one of the largest museums in Europe, covering an area of 1000 m2 and comprising three separate buildings. The standard tour includes an introductory film on a sightseeing trip to the museum, where visitors can get acquainted with […]

Jonny Depp in Prague?

Photo courtesy of Coco Cafe Disco Bar

Prague – 28/07/2012 Those, who Saturday night took part at the local nightlife in Prague would have noticed some very unusual movement, with groups of people in the street taking pictures, and even asking for autographs. For example, at Harley’s Bar, a well-known club in Prague 1, very crowded every weekend, but most customers were […]

Two Cats in Prague

2 cats

Unlike most people I know, I have never been a fan of Prague. My most recent trip there only served to reinforce my feelings and my preference and yes, appreciation for Budapest. In the past, my criticism has been based on ambiance – a feeling that Prague was so clean and sterile it was like […]

Can Eastern Europe escape the eurozone crisis?


Countries in Eastern Europe have until now shown remarkable economic resilience, after being hit harder by the 2008–2009. But their economic future relies on a new model of growth, argues Jana Grittersova on Euroactiv. Jana Grittersova is a professor at the University of California-Riverside and an Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Fellow at the Johns Hopkins University […]

The Revolution is Not Over …


First published on 17 November 2009 The Velvet Revolution is not over yet ….. Yes, exactly 20 years have passed since that historic day back in November 1989, when the people of Czechoslovakia stood up to demand their right to freedom and democracy, as the whole eastern bloc crumbled around them. It all seemed too smooth, […]

Coping with data leaks using nature’s ideas

Robert Mistrik

In the aftermath of the massive leak of US Embassy cables, the media are perpetuating the fatalistic misconception that modern technology has irreversibly outgrown our ability to keep sensitive information safe. Yet the pessimistic arguments sound so reasonable. Local computer networks filled with valuable data are part of every modern-day institution, very large files are […]

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