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Czech Company Conergy Conquering Eastern Europe

Conergy is one of the world’s largest renewable energy companies and the German company Conergy has become the domain of the Czechs.

The parent company in Hamburg is one of the largest dealers of solar modules in Germany, but Conergy has commissioned its Czech branch to head to other markets.

The company Conergy in the Czech Republic entered the Slovak market last year and has now started taking in other eastern countries of the European Union – Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Poland. Director of Czech Conergy Ales Spáčil says: “In Bulgaria there is rapid growth in photovoltaic plants. If the Balkan countries continue to pursue the construction of large solar parks, it could end up like the Czech Republic at the time of uncontrolled photovoltaic boom in 2010.”

Spáčil, whose company offers services related to photovoltaics and services, previously worked as a specialist on roof photovoltaics.

Conergy feels there are new opportunities in other countries – in Romania it wants to create a market for green certificates. This certificate will open up better investment into the photovoltaic. Hungary should increase the low purchase prices of electricity from renewable sources. The Poles are preparing new legislation about supported sources.

The revenues of Czech Conergy are in hundreds of millions of crowns at the moment, while the parent company generates three quarters of a billion euro. Last year, the Hamburg based Conergy underwent restructuring and recorded an operating loss of over EUR 80 million. The German Conergy is looking for other markets such as Asia, while the Czech Conergy is looking in the eastern part of the European Union.

By Katherina Krisicova

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