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Czech Visas are Hot Property and Business in Russia

The Czech intelligence service is currently gaining information about the black market with Czech visas in the post-Soviet republics. For many, the “Czech-West” is a very attractive place to live and study and many are willing to pay between EUR 250 – 1000 to get their hands on a visa on the black market.

Czech Consulate General in St Petersburg

But even this cost does not guarantee getting a visa – as it is sometimes just a bribe to get an appointment at the embassy with Czech officials. The Czech bureaucracy is suspected of being reluctant to those practices. The Czech government is convening a special meeting to discuss the matter with Brno ombudsman Pavel Varvařovský who criticized the practices.

Many are complaining that the Czech Visapoint system is too complicated. It is an online registration form which is required to get an appointment at the embassy. However, no other possible legal way exists to get the appointment.

The Czech Foreign Ministry does not deny the complications, but also vouches for the system, while admitting the system’s role to halt the immigration process. Some say the system is “hacked“.

There are witnesses from various places, for instance, like the student from Kazakhstan who claims he could not get through the internet process until he paid EUR 1000 to a certain “Dima”, and then it worked itself as if by magic.

There could be two possible explanations. The system has been hacked and the whole problem is not sustained by the bureaucrats in the post-Soviet countries. The other and much worse scenario is that the Czech officials at the embassies are suspected of corrupting procedures.

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