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Czechs for military intervention in Libya if required

In an interview for Czech online news portal this week, foreign affairs minister Karel Schwarzenberg declared that the Czech Republic would be in favour of a military intervention in Libya, if necessary.

Schwarzenberg admitted that the use of force is not the best way to get democracy kick-started, but that an extreme situation requires extreme measures, in which case the Czech Republic would support the move. He acknowledges the need for intervention if, for instance, many lives were in danger.

His latest statements come after he said last week that the EU and the Czech Republic should not interfere with the affairs of Libya, or at least to the minimum extent possible. Now there is an underlying fear that Colonel Gaddafi will resort to the use of chemical weapons on his own people, an issue that the US and NATO are also concerned about.

There is a growing military presence being built up around Libya in the event that a military strike is called for.

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