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Czechs suffer highest petrol prices in 5.5 years

The turmoil in oil-producing countries like Libya is starting to take its toll at the petrol pumps, with Czech petrol prices now at their highest level since September 2005.

Petrol is being sold at between CZK 33.7 to CZK 36 a litre now, and this could be just the start of the growth as there is no way of predicting what will happen next in countries currently undergoing transformation. Diesel is now going at around CZK 33.3 per litre.

Prices will be offset slightly by the firming Czech koruna, but this kind of influence is only transitory.  The last time the country had such high fuel prices was following Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Czech Republic is not alone in this, of course, as most countries are already starting to feel the pinch, but it does have higher fuel prices than all its neighbours, excepting Germany.

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