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Handicapped people to protest government’s reform plans

Handicapped Czechs are set to stage a protest on 22 March in front of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs against the government’s social reform plans, saying that the measures will slash their standard of living.

The protest is being staged because of government-proposed measures on the assessment of entitlements for handicapped people, as the assessment criteria are to be changed.

According to the Czech National Disability Council (NRZP), in practice the changes will mean lower subsidies for many handicapped people, or even their cancellation altogether. Other changes include the scrapping of reserved parking places, and allowances for buying a car or medical devices.

The new assessment system will apply a 36-point set of criteria to determine entitlement, based on everything from the need to have food prepared or to be washed, through to how they can deal with personal issues and money.

The NRZP is calling for the plans to be revised as they have not been thought out thoroughly.

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