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Helena Vondráčková on tour

Up to 7000 people attended a very successful two hour concert by Czech singer Helena Vondráčková in Liblin castle near the town of Plzeň, on Saturday August 18th 2012 during her “Tour 65″ event.

Vondráčková was in perfect shape, gorgeous as ever, in a concert which celebrated both her great past and successful career. Exciting to see was the charge and the elegance of a singer who never seems to wane over the years.

The highlight of the evening came when she was joined on stage by the Italian duo Davide Mattioli and Andrea Mattioli , who performed their reworking of the Eros Ramazzotti classic hit “Fuoco nel fuoco,” Helena Vondráčková sang the remixed song in perfect Italian. The trio, whose relationship has blossomed for many years have even made ​​a video clip of the song, which has reached almost 11 thousand views in just two months on YouTube.

The air was charged with excitement as the two Italians left the stage to a huge applause by the eager crowd.
The evening ended with Helena Vondráčková signing autographs and posing for photos with her loyal fan base.

Andrea Ronco

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