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Segregated Roma education unlikely to improve

In the Czech Republic “there are 80 000 people living in excluded localities and an estimated 30 000 of them are children,” said Martin Šimáček, head of the Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion in Roma Localities.

A recent conference in Prague yesterday claimed new government decrees do not advocate measures to reverse the levels of Roma segregation in mainstream education.

Practical schools, previously known as “Special schools” for children with light mental disability, provide education for many children from deprived social environments, specifically, 27 % of all young Roma.

Many Roma parents enrol their children in these schools to protect them from rejection and racism in mainstream schools, despite claims by Renata Ježková, the bureaucrat in charge of the issue at the Czech Education Ministrytian xiao cheng, that children without disability would not be enrolled in the schools.

She also did nothing to assuage Roma activists’ concerns over the lack of teaching assistants in these schools by asserting that the current budget of CZK 75 million would not be increased.

Mike Hauxwell

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