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Israel admits liquidating Arafat’s deputy after 24 years

On Friday after 24 years Israel admitted that it’s secret service Mossad liquidated Vaziri Khalil, a representative of the former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. The information was published by the daily news Yediot Acharonot, which had this information at their disposition for 12 years. However only now the military cencorship allowed for it to be published.

The liquidation in 1988 was conducted by a special commando unit Sayeret Matkal, which landed in Tunisia.

Khalil Vaziri, known as Abu Jihad, was a longtime friend of Arafats and one of the main participants in the first anti-Israeli Palestinian uprising from 1987 to 1993. He had previously been involved in assassinations. He is for example accounted for the attack on a bus in 1978, where 38 Israelis where killed.

Shortly before his death Nahum Lev, a member of the commando, spoke to news reporters. “Abu Jihad was involved in horrific actions against civilians. I shot him without hesitation. I was very careful not to hit his wife,” he said.

Palestinians consider the liquidation of Abu Jihad to be a state ordered murder. “He was not killed by a soldier, he died due to a decision made by the Israeli government and its military leadership. For us the murderer is the state of Israel,” said Mahmoud Alula, who was Abu Dzihad’s assistant and is now one of the leading members of the Fatah party.

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