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Jonny Depp in Prague?

Prague – 28/07/2012

Those, who Saturday night took part at the local nightlife in Prague would have noticed some very unusual movement, with groups of people in the street taking pictures, and even asking for autographs.

For example, at Harley’s Bar, a well-known club in Prague 1, very crowded every weekend, but most customers were not dancing or drinking in the usual way, but instead taking pictures and talking with a man in a hat. Fascinated, we went to see what was going on, and be just as astonished. We could not tell if it was true: in front of us was sitting Johnny Depp.

We could not miss such an opportunity so we approached him. But we soon realized that his accent wasn’t British or American. The similarity, though, was amazing, and the impression was just like sitting in front of the famous actor, every detail, from the lines, the hair, the typical glasses and hat, this guy could fool anybody. People were crazy and those who saw him were speechless.

The highlight, though, came later in the evening when the “fake” Johnny, now followed by a crowd, moved to another place, the Coco Cafe Disco Bar in Kaprová ulice, Prague 1, with the same result.

After shyness and disbelief, people started to approach the guy. The famous UWA DJ, routine Coco guest, left his workplace for a photo with “Johnny”.

Photo courtesy of Coco Cafe Disco Bar

The night-time adventure of Johnny “look-a-like” Depp, after more requests for autographs and photos, ended around 4 in the morning when I took a taxi to an unknown destination. Strange night for sure, for many people will however remain a remarkable night.

But who is this man?

Unbelievable but true, he’s Italian, aged 32,  passing by Prague on business. He told us that it is the same wherever he goes, no matter what the country. His job is not being Johnny Depp’s clone, though, but someone should take advantage of it because he is a sort of walking marketing. We will not spread his name to the public, but we kept his confidence, as requested.

Andrea Ronco

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