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Kalousek: Some People Reject The Democratic System

Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek in Questions of Václav Moravec on Czech Television said: ” Disgruntled citizens who have demonstrated in recent days, especially in Prague, but also in other places in the country, were not protesting  against the government, but against the system as itself. Some people did not accept the democratic system and dreams of some better tomorrows (note.: “better tomorrows – lepší zítřky”  was promised by the Communist Party under its regime).“

Michal Hašek ČSSD said: “What people have been experiencing in the past six years is unprecedented. Reforms are needed, but fair ones that don’t cause trouble for people with low and middle incomes.”

Kalousek said: “Maintaining social peace is different at 6% growth and different in a slump economy”. the finance minister did not forget to mention the period in which the Social Democrats ruled in the Czech Republic. According to Kalousek, the only reason why it is now in the government TOP 09 is the consolidation of public finances. The minister does not question the right of the opposition to call a vote of no confidence in the government.

Kalousek said:”But if ČSSD now says that they can take austerity steps without affecting citizens, then I can not agree with this approach.”

Hašek said: “We don’t differ in the outcome, but we differ in the means. I introduced a few areas of taxes on personal income.”

The minister of finance said:” Mr. Governor says: ” we would not have increased VAT, we would have introduced progressive taxation.” I say we need to do both. If we introduce a second rate, even though I do not like it, and we want to ask people with high income for a temporary higher contribution, then we want the same thing as the social democrats. ” Kalousek estimates the contribution to the budget from people with high incomes at CZK 4 to 5 billion.

Kalousek concluded: “The fact that the opposition wants to tax big business is an ugly game from them and clear populism. Large enterprises will likewise take the money away from the people. ”

Katherina Krisicova

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