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Klaus contests Havel over Libya intervention

President Vaclav Klaus has opposed the comments of his predecessor Vaclav Havel made in today’s Hospodarske Noviny that the western world should go ahead with an intervention in Libya.


Klaus is against military intervention in the country, and he is the one who will be representing the Czech Republic at a special EU summit on Libya set for 11 March.

In the article in HN, Havel said that Gaddafi was an insane criminal and that the west must intervene instead of hesitating and so risking lives. Havel is in favour of embargos and targeted air strikes if necessary.

As an argument, Havel mentioned how hesitation about Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic had allowed many grave horrors to be committed. Klaus said he disagreed with Havel on this and on intervention in Libya.

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