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LOG’s Randy Blythe and His Experience in a Czech Prison

The famous singer of the metal band Lamb of God, Randy Blythe, spoke about his experience in Prague’s biggest prison in Pankrác in an interview to the renowned music-magazine Rolling Stone.

The rock-star is accused of having caused fatal injuries to a fan, who died as the result of a head injury. The singer in fact pushed the guy violently off the stage during the first Lamb of God concert in the Czech Republic two years ago. He is particularly angry that the Czech authorities never contacted him to inform that he was up on manslaughter charges.

Randy Blythe

Randy Blythe, courtesy of Matthias Bauer

At the end of June this year, Blythe was arrested and sent to prison in Pankrác, after his band entered Czech territory again to perform at the Rock Café. After the first trial the singer remained in Pankrác for five weeks and was only released at the beginning of August after depositing CZK 8,000,000 in bail.

In an interview to the journalists of Rolling Stone, Blythe revealed the details of his detention and the things that struck him most. In the foreground is the food: in the morning bread with some meat spread or cheese, for lunch and dinner mostly soup and stews. Although the singer commented that with this food “will keep you alive”,” he admits that he was really sick of stew in the end.

Another Czech specialty stuck in the ex-inmate’s mind: the ‘Syrecky’ curd cheese of Olomouc, a sharp flavored Moravian cheese. Blythe points out that one cheese smelled like the bottom of a waste container on a hot August day.

Apart from that the metal singer said that the alarm-clock rang at 6.00 am every day – except at weekends when it was at 7.00 – and that his cellmate was from Mongolia. His day would begin with some press-up, breakfast, several attempts to communicate with his cellmate and a walk in the prison-yard.

Blythe also revealed that he had the opportunity to pour out his creativity writing lyrics and poems, scribbling short notes in his diary, and even outlined the plot of a novel.

The Lamb of God singer confessed to the magazine’s reporters that he is worried about the upcoming process as he risks being sentenced from five to ten years in prison. He has every intention of coming back and standing trial if summoned, though, while quietly hoping it can all be settled out of court.

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