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Many taken aback by results of Senate elections in Prague

Traditionally, by its voting record, Prague is the most conservative and right-wing place in the whole country. Never having had a left-wing mayor nor a single senator. If we look at election results since 1990, the left-wing parties have won very little, or rather nothing.

This weekend 4 districts in Prague were having elections and the result very much reflects the situation in the whole country. ODS, the conservative party, lost in every gubernatorial election except the West-Bohemian region. People are expressing their distaste for the current governing unpopular conservative coalition with unpopular fiscal policies. 

The 4 incubent Senators are the ODS members of affiliates.

Praha 12: Tomáš Grulich

The incubent senator is the only one from the four who kept his first place and is the winner from the first round(20% of the votes). His opponent for the second round will be František Adámek (ČSSD, 17,3%), who came second in the first round. In this southern Prague district the chances are in favor of the incubent senator Grulich who is the current chairman for the Czech expats affairs in the Senate. For the contrary, in 2006 senator Grulich had almost 50% of the votes in the first round.

Tomáš Grulich

Praha 4: Tomáš Töpfer

Popular actor and a theater manager, Tomáš Töpfer (23,7%) came second in this populus district. He will be the opponent to Eva Sýkorová (ČSSD, 24,7%). It will be interesting how the voters of Petr Štěpánek will react in the second round (his 22,75% is undeniable asset). Who are they going to vote next weekend?

Tomáš Töpfer


Praha 2: Milena Kozumplíková

A complete disastre is the result of this downtown district for the incubent senator Kozumplíková who finished as fourth and she wont appear on the ballot for the second round. Quite unexpectedly, the winner is a whistle- blower Libor Michálek (24,3%).  Libor Michálek will be chalanged by Stanislav Křeček (ČSSD, 17,8%)

Libor Michálek

Praha 8: Daniela Palečková (retiring, replaced by a new candidate)

The biggest surprise. The first round was won by Jiří Dolejš (KSČM, 22,1%) A communist candidate has never won a single round of Senate elections in Prague since 1990, not to mention to even be able to get in to the second round.

Daniela Filipiová (21,7%) is going to have a difficult job to attract voters in the second round because the third came a socialist candidate whose voters are likely to vote left in the second round. It can be mistery who wins in this nothern district.

Jiří Dolejš

One last comment:

Out of four conservative incubents only three will be on the ballot for the second round and only one as a front-tier. The second round is going to take place 19-20 October.


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