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Prague region among the richest in Europe

The latest figures from the EU published yesterday put the Prague region and the Bratislava region among the richest areas in the EU, even though in general there are still large east-west differences.

The GDP per capita in Prague is around EUR 43,200 in terms of purchasing power, while in Bratislava it works out as EUR 41,800.

The gap behind the major commercial centres in Europe is pretty evident, though, with London on top with EUR 85,800, while the Czech and Slovak capitals were not so far behind Brussels, for instance, as it has a figure of EUR 54,100.

What is surprising, is that both Prague and Bratislava are officially wealthier than anywhere in Austria, Greece, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal or Spain, for instance.

Even so, the 15 poorest regions in the EU can all be found in post-communist countries, with Bulgaria and Romania holding the bottom end of the ranking, chasing Hungary and Poland above them.

For the sake of comparison, the poorest region in the world according to the World Bank is Burundi, which has a GDP per capita of a mere EUR 121, while the monarchy of Monaco posts a figure in excess of EUR 150,000.

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  1. Igor Jasa

    Suprise ? not really, everyone whos been to prague in the past 5 yrs or so can see just how strong the local economy is. Even now during recession (or recovery ? ) the unemployment rate is still mere 3.8%

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