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The ČSSD Empire Strikes Back!

We bring you five (f)acts and (f)aces of the Senate election. You may find them interesting, even more so considering the current political situation in the Czech Republic.

First act:

The downfall of the governing conservative party (ODS) continues. With 11 candidates in the second round, only 4 gaining a seat. The net change since the previous elections? A loss of 10 seats in 2012 (and a loss of 11 seats in 2010) is not insignificant in an 81-seat Senate.

But what is more alarming, Prague, the capital and blue-flag carrier, has been lost. 2 out of 4 districts opted for different candidates. In less then four years the party lost its majority in the Senate.

Petr Nečas

Petr Nečas, the ODS leader is not happy with results.

Second act:

The communists’ cheer and joy after the first round was  swept away from the smiles a week later. Having 12 candidates from the first round, they were more than confidant. The sole victory in just one district is a reality check. Nevertheless, the communist party (KSČM) doesn’t have be that sad. Winning the first round in Prague 8 is a breakthrough. Daniela Filipiová (ODS) defeated Jiří Dolejš with a massive campaign and the highest turnout in the country (30%). It seems the non- communists mobilised themselves enough to put the handicapped architect back to Senate.


Third act:

People seek new faces, and they have them.

Tomio Okamura (born in Tokyo) is the first Japanese-Czech to be represented in Czech top affairs. A popular blogger and a successful businessman, he is also the youngest candidate to win (at 40 years old). Now he is even seeking an independent presidential candidacy.

Tomio Okamura

Libor Michálek, a whistle-blower from the minister Drobil´s corruption scandal, won his seat in downtown Prague. He will be the first ever Pirate Party member in Parliament.

Independent candidate from the Green Party Eliška Wagnerová  won in Brno. She served for four years as head of the Czech jurisdiction.

Leopold Sulovský- a mountaineer who climbed Mount Everest and a store-business owner, won as an independent candidate in Ostrava.

Fourth act:

Popularity and the fight for civil liberties will win you a lot of votes!

Jiří Čunek (Christian Democrats) is a mustang of Czech affairs. Resolute positions in a complicated Czech-Roma relationships won him his seat for another 6 years. He will represent Zlín.

Jiří Čunek

Jiří Čunek

Jaroslav Kubera (ODS) is a famous avid smoker. He holds the strongest positions against the anti-smoking agenda defending peoples personal liberty to smoke. He declares himself a “eurosceptic”.  He won in Teplice (where he serves as a mayor as well) with almost 80% of the votes.

Jaroslav Kubera

Jaroslav Kubera


The final act:

ČSSD (Czech Social Democratic Party) is the clear winner. The party will be represented by 49 members. The majority in the Upper House is critical for vetoing laws from the Lower House controlled by the conservative coalition. And with the help from other parties, the Senate ČSSD members can have a constitutional majority.



The show will continue in January 2013 when the Czechs for the first time ever will go to elect the president directly. The candidates are ready.

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