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The Prostitutes’ new album ‘Deaf to the call’ out now

A band created as a joke, the Protitutes, but with only two albums has managed to carve out an important space in the Czech music scene. In three years by the excellent Hometown Zombies, the band of Prague is back with a new album, Deaf to the call. We pick the occasion to have a chat with Lukáš, drummer of the band.

Why did you choose this name so evocative?

When we set up teh band, we had in mind three or four names to choose from. But I think that the best intuition came to mind to Adrian (the singer). We chose The Prostitutes because we wanted to give the idea that we play just for your money.

How did you decide to found the band and when did you meet Adrian?

Adrian and Martin (guitar) first met through an ad agency and at that time was Adrian to give us a tape where he sang with his acoustic guitar. He told to Martin that he would like to give to his songs a more elaborate appearance, but he did not have the technical skills. We rather liked the tape at once: it seemed to hear Joe Strummer and Leonard Cohen play together. So we offered him to be our singer, but Adrian dismissed as ludicrous proposal from the outset. As time goes by, we persuaded him to have an audition, and he agreed. Then he said he had fun, but very unlikely he would have done something. In fact, he is still here with us.

The Prostitutes playng at Roxy, 2009


Can you give me some anticipations about the new album? After the concerts last fall we can expect a new development.

True, the new album is more direct and essential than Hometown zombies. We tried to limit contamination and digressions into the more elaborate pop. In any case, we have tried to interweave the Berlin scene of the ’70s (Bowie) with Gothic and English post-punk of 80s (Ultravox, Joz Division, Bauhaus), yet the new album sounds modern to 100 percent, and it was recorded in 2012.

How did you get this sound?

Unlike last album, Deaf to the call was made through studio jamming. Then we had the good fortune to work with producer Youth (aka Martin Glover, bassist of Killing Joke, he ad several collaborations with bands as Primal Scream, The Verve, Paul McCartney and The Futureheads, Ed.) It’s been hard to make an arrangement with him, but in the end he came to Prague. We were really surprised, (being a huge punk) by his pragmatic way of working. But as he himself has taught us, the work must be well prepared, so then you can smash it all! The atmosphere was wonderful but very stressful. We recorded the whole album in a week.

Do you think about touring?

In April we will play 20 gigs in various clubs across the Czech Republic. Clubs are indeed very different places. For example Roxy has a capacity of over 1000 people, and then we play in places where same ourselves are tight on stage. Then in September there will be our classical widespread autumn tour. The dates are still to be defined, but we’re definitely visiting Brno, Ostrava and Plzeň, but it’s a matter of fact that in every tour we get to some place where we’ve never been before.

What about playing abroad?

Well, apart Slovakia, we often play in Austria and especially in Berlin, home of the Wheel Records, the label that distributes our records in Germany. 5 years ago, thanks to a partnership, we managed to organize a tour in Spain.

What do you like in the Czech music scene right now?

There are a couple of pretty good groups, but indeed czech indie scene does not exist. There is no alternative radio station supporting the different band or making us feeling as part of a community, then the scene is not even formed. Every band is just carrying about his business. Anyway, I like Calm Season, a guy, normally a bass player, who in this project plays acoustic guitar and sings. Then I like Terezie Kovalova, who sings and plays the cello.


Aside from being a rock star, what do you do in everyday life?

In Czech Republic there are very few bands who manage to live only with their own music. Therefore we also have a regular work that we have to fit with our “hobby”: Adrian is designer, Martin a director, Stevie sociologist and Adam Piaf film producer. I work as a toxicologist for Healthcare.

If I remember correctly Martin was involved in the mockumentary Český sen. How did that happen?

Yes, he was involved in the project, but to be honest I do not know how. And to think that Martin is my brother!

When will the new album be out?

Not later than early May. On April 26 there wil be the official presentation of the album with a gig at Akropolis, it’s all ready.


Adrian T. Bell – Vocals

Martin Destroyer – Guitar

Luk Santiago – Drums

Stevie DFO – Keyboards

Adam Piaf – Low



2006 – Get me out of here

2009 – Hometown Zombies

2012 – Deaf to the call


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